San Diego Food Swap

The signup and agreement for the food swap is below in text OR in an easy-to-use form. If you prefer, feel free to download or copy and paste the text into an email to


We CANNOT guarantee you a space if you don't RSVP. Due to space restrictions, we need to plan ahead and if you do not RSVP, the empty spaces leftover will be first-come first-serve.




There are no swaps currently scheduled.

Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updated info.

We will post as soon as the details are finalized.

Thank you!!


Notes/ Tips:

-                     Please wrap or contain each item individually. Baked goods need not be in individual plastic/ Tupperware containers, but at least wrap each one completely in foil or plastic. Homegrown fruit or vegetables can be separated into small crates or bags.

-                     Please label each item with the name and a brief description. Please have recipe cards (or at least a complete list of ingredients) attached or for handout if requested, PARTICULARLY if the item has a common allergen (nuts, milk) or if it is vegetarian or vegan. There are a number of websites where you can design recipe cards.

-                     There is no fee for participation in this event, but we do ask that you make a suggested donation of $5 or bring canned or non-perishable food items for donation to a local food charity (they will not accept the homemade food we are swapping). This is not a requirement.

-                     Please bring some of each item for sampling during the swap.


Signup and Agreement

San Diego Food Swap

You can bring up to five items. Please bring multiples of 10 and a little extra for samples. J Please list the items you plan to bring and approximately how much of each (Example: Grandma’s Homemade Beef Stew, 10 tupperware containers; Strawberry Jam, 15 jars).







By participating in this event, you are aware that the food swapped during this event is homemade and homegrown, and although some participants may prepare their submissions in a restaurant or “approved” kitchen, none of the submissions are necessarily prepared in any kitchen or preparation area inspected by any government agency.

By participating in this event, you also agree that you will maintain the highest and best cleanliness standards in the preparation of your submissions.


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