San Diego Food Swap

How it works

Step 1: What do you like to cook or grow?

  • Decide what you will bring to the event and plan accordingly. We welcome any home-cooked item or homegrown produce, as well as homemade soaps and toiletries, pet food, etc.
  • Please plan to bring enough for swapping as well as something for people to sample during the event. Feel free to bring more than one item.

Step 2: Help us plan for everyone!

  • RSVP and sign up for the event. Fill out a signup sheet on this website and email it (as an attachment or cut-and-paste) to Hillary at
  • Tell your friends! The more the merrier. And everyone has something they make well.
  • "Like" us on Facebook so you can upload photos from this event and learn about the next event!

Step 3: At the event:

  • At the event, you will be able to meet with fellow swappers and swap your items according to your own arrangements. You can decide the terms of each trade.
  • Please bring enough of each submission to trade and to sample.
  • Don't forget to decorate and label each item for swapping. Please attach to each item a recipe card or list of ingredients, PARTICULARLY if the item is made with a common allergen (like nuts, milk, etc.) or if it is vegan or vegetarian.


Swappers are allowed to bring and swap homemade beer and alcoholic beverages. Sampling the alcohol is also allowed, but please be responsible!

The Honor Code

This is a community event. It goes without saying that the participants are using the highest cleanliness standards in their own kitchens and gardens to prepare their submissions. Nevertheless ...

  • By participating in this event, you are acknowledging that the food items being traded are not necessarily prepared in any "approved" kitchen or space inspected by any government agency.
  • By participating in  this event, you are also acknowledging that you will use the highest standards of cleanliness in food preparation.

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