San Diego Food Swap

So how does this work? 

Easy. Decide what you like to make and what you want to bring. We welcome all homemade food, homegrown produce, and similar items. There's no need to decorate the jars or packages (although it's nice).

We ask that you bring at least 10 of each item (10 jars of jelly, loaves of bread, box of cookies, etc., but let's be clear: there are no rules. No one will be kicked out for not bringing enough of something -- the only downside is that you run out of items to swap with.

How do I know the food other people are bringing won't make me sick?

We ask that if you are preparing food that has common allergens (like nuts or milk), that you label the items accordingly. We also ask that every participant acknowledge when they sign up that they know they are eating food someone prepared at home, just like you're bringing food you cooked at home. We also ask that all participants promise to use the highest cleanliness standards in their kitchens. It's all on the honor system; this is a community event.

Can I bring my homemade beer or alcohol? Can we sample it on the premises?

Yes and yes, But please be responsible. The alcohol is for sampling only.

Do I need to reveal Grandma's secret recipe in order to bring it to the food swap?

Of course not. But please at least identify what is and let other swappers know if it has allergens or is vegan/vegetarian, etc.

I attended the last swap and had an AMAZING TIME. I took all kinds of photos of the great food and cool people. What should I do with them?

If you'd like to share them, please upload them to our public album on (link below). Please feel free to share photos of you cooking as well.

** Your photos may be used in promotional ads, websites, blogs, etc. for the food swap.
San Diego Food Swap's July Food Swap photoset San Diego Food Swap's July Food Swap photoset

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